What’s ME-CL?


Daily we swim in an ocean of acronyms so let’s just be clear about what ME-CL stands for:         Mindful Eating-Conscious Living.


Anyway you read it — Mindful Eating Conscious Living or Living Mindful Eating Conscious — it’s about the same thing: being awake and aware so that we can fully enjoy everything about being alive, including eating.

ME-CL is a 9-session program that focuses on helping people re-establishing a healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating. Designed by experienced mindfulness practitioners/instructors who  work with people struggling with disordered eating and body image issues, their commitment to not focus on weight or advocate diets comes from listening to thousands of people’s experiences that diets don’t work.

path stone

Take small steps on your Path

Each session in the program offers skills to help participants re-engage with their senses and the body’s wisdom that has been ignored for too long.  Throughout the program mindful eating exercises, simple meditations, gentle movement, helpful information and discussion lay down a path that taken in small steps, can lead to knowing how to better take care of yourself.

 The Nine Sessions

1. What is Mindfulness? Why and how to apply it to eating.

2. Hunger: What is it?

3. Identifying Conditioned Patterns around Eating

4. Emotions and Body Awareness

5.Fullness and Satiety

6. Slowing Down

7. Food and Mood

8. Craving

9. Working with Heart Hunger

                                                                                         Who can teach ME-CL? 

ME-CL1 March 2013 Joshau Tree CA USA

ME-CL1 March 2013 Joshua Tree CA USA

We want to get the practice of mindful eating out to as many people as possible and we want to have teachers who feel confident and are well-trained. You can be one of those people.